Controller Isolation & Control Equipment

Controller Isolation & Control Equipment

Controller Isolation & Control Equipment

Controller Isolation & Control Equipment

AAD TECH advanced microchip-based Controller is designed for the AAD TECH EC System (AECS). It has an energy efficient algorithm to precisely control and monitor the system’s fan.


100% Customisable
Multimode Provision
Smart EC Fan Integrator
Full Touchscreen Display
BMS Compatible
Button Lock Function
System Reliability
Optimize Energy Saving
Communication Interface
Intuitive Control
Real -Time Monitoring and Parameter Display
Smart Scheduling
Cloud Compatibility
Robust Enclosure with IP65
Smart Duo Sensor

The control panel system is fully customised as required.

There are 3 modes respectively AUTO, BMS & MANUAL.

Our smart controller does not need to do any modification in existing configuration for attaching a new or changed EC fan in an array. It automatically integrates in its own system.

Fully touch screen, high resolution display of HMI is used for the control panel.

It is fully integrable with the BMS system. The analog and digital signal of BMS can be directly connected to this for controlling and status of the system.

That function prevents Accidentally touching the keypad. Device's keypad lock gets automatically locked after a certain period of time.

It continuously monitors the fan system, if any problem detects in any array of fans, then controllers send the trip signal on displays as well as in BMS and immediately shut off the system.

Inbuilt energy efficient algorithm precisely controls the EC fan to suit your required optimal load, while saving energy and cost on your electricity bill.

Data transfer to all management and operating levels using independent building automation protocols, such as Modbus or BACnet etc.

As Inbuilt memory and battery, settings can be recovered once power restores, So you don’t need to remember the settings.

Inbuilt microcontrollers continuously monitor the fan system and try to achieve precisely the set value of the system. And also display the Real time parameter on screen.

It's a programmable weekly scheduler for multi setpoint. Set up your individual smart schedule, as simple or as complex as you need it to be. The system achieves desired setpoint according to the planned schedule.

The device is cloud compatible. It can be accessed remotely from any location. It lets you provide individual fan status, system health and many more.

The rugged design with SS/GI type enclosure to suit tropical weather with IP65 protection.

It comes up with pressure & temperature-based sensors.


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